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lunedì 7 aprile 2014

10th lessons Learned by Stephanie Edwards

Nearly five months after the ending of our favourite ship of Grey's Anatomy,  we understood that life can change in an istant, one moment before there is the paradise but one moment after you find yourself to the hell. We took the majority of the messages from  the character of Stephanie Edwards who reacted to the public humiliation with great class, elegance and maturity.

1 )  << No matter how important a person can be important for you, it will hurt you inevitably. >>


2 )  << It's never finished when you fall,  the only important thing is to get up always! >>


3 )  <<We should always fight for what we believe, otherwise someone else will win. >>  

4 )  << Never surrender to a defeat: it's only a step back to a goal. >>

5 )  << Friends are the only people who can understands our pain and listen our silence. >>


6 )  << What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. >>


7 )  << The smile is the only most precious accessory that a woman can wear. >>


8 )  << If the life gives you lemons bitter, you make a lemonade! >>


9 )  << Nothing is more wonderful of a woman in renaissance. >>


10 )  << Believe in yourself, Follow your dreams and never ever GIVE UP! >>


These are all the reason why we love Stephanie Edwards. 

As jerrika Hinton said: " Personally, I've discovered Steph to be a deeply intelligent, mature, ambitious, principled, woman who prizes autonomy and takes calculated risks. She has a deep desire to be taken seriously and is conflicted about melding her personal and professional lives. She wants to be cared for but has a difficult time relinquishing control. She is sexually free, compassionate, vulnerable, complicated and judgmental. She owns her shit. She is funny; she is level-headed; she is frequently the voice of reason. Steph is defined by much more than just being on the arm of Jackson Avery." 

 We hope with all our hearts that there will be Steph in the season 11 of Grey's Anatomy, cause Jerrika Hinton is an amazing actress and cause we wanna see a new beginning for our favourite character of the show!

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  1. i love her so much! she's the best actress in the world! so proud of being her fan ;)