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lunedì 25 novembre 2013

Grey's Anatomy 10x10 "Somebody that I used to know" stackson Review

Hi dear Stacksons,
last thursday night there was another amazing episode for our couple, the press release of 10x10 wasn't exciting cause it dealt with an unconfortable situation between Stephanie and Jackson because of April's wedding. Stephanie's case was about a couple of friends who where lovers and an husband who helped their story. Then with big surprise April invited Stephanie to her wedding saying her to bring a guest, we would scream to April : "Steph stays with Jackson, you have to accept it", but we continued to watch the episode.
Steph went to Jackson to have clarity on this strange situation. Jackson remained without words and said her that he would talk to April, we were all with him, April should stop to being so blind. The scene ended up with a kiss and with jackson inviting her to not worry about this.
Jackson and April's conversation was like we exspected, he said her that his relationship with Stephanie is serious and he shouldn't go to the wedding. The ending scene was very special for us, Stephanie went to Jackson and told him about her case confronting it with Jackson/April/Matthew situation, he conforted her saying that with April it was all done and that it was important for him that she believed his words, then he told her that they wouldn't go to the wedding, she was surprised about Jackson's decision but finally she understood him. The scene ended with Stackson intense and beautiful kisses and with the promises of big plans for their night.

Thanks to the great creator Shonda Rhimes and the amazing actors Jesse Williams and Jerrika Hinton. We'll wait for you for the next episode's review ;)

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