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domenica 3 novembre 2013

Grey's Anatomy 10x07 "Thriller" Stackson Review

Hi dear Stacksons,
the 10x07 episode better known as The Halloween's episode gave us many surprises. All the atmosphere and the sounds were in perfect Halloween spirit. It started with Steph & Jackson arriving to the hospital but our attention was focused in particular on Stephanie, she wore big glasses and Jo joked about her condition. She was a little blind because of a surgery she made cause her eyes were a little annoiyng. So at that moment we knew the truth about a tweet of the editor who scared us: "Stephanie will see Jackson in a whole new way". Jackson was really worried for Stephanie's healthy, he preferred her to stay at home after surgery and not to go to work so early but Steph's ambition prevailed. She was too funny above all when she ran into the wall. The sad thing was that Steph was at the ER while Jackson worked with April. Leah and Stephanie were both excluded by Richard's surgery cause the one was bitten by a zombie and the second was blind, so they supported each other in the disperation, Leah waiting for the HIV test and Steph chatting with Jackson. We were scared by Jackson and April operating together but that was the best moment of the episode cause Jackson showed how he cares and loves Stephanie, he said to a nurse: "Tell her not to call everything's going to be fine and to keep using her eye drops. You know what? And TELL HER SHE'S BEAUTIFUL." Our heart was full of joy for his words and what surprised us the most was his convinction, Jackson has grown a lot from the S 9 and we appreciated it, cause at the first Stephanie was more involved in this story but at this time they are both involved with the same love. The final scene was simply amazing, Stephanie was at Joe's bar waiting for him and crying, the sweetest sad clown ever, when Jackson arrived he cheered her up and they went home together.

Thanks Jackson (Jesse) for all you did in this episode and thanks Stephanie (Jerrika) for being simply what you are!

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