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lunedì 21 ottobre 2013

Grey's Anatomy 10x05 "I Bet it Stung" Stackson Review

Hi Stacksons,
let start talking about 10x05 episode of Grey's Anatomy: it started with Stephanie's enthusiasm about meeting Jackson's mom, she wore a tight green shirt that immediately attracted Jackson, he couldn't resist to kiss her. The moment when Catherine Avery opened the door and found them sleeping together increased our suspence and curiosity. Our tought was:"OMG poor Stephanie, what Catherine will think of her?". The scene ended with Stephanie's words: "I don't think she liked my shirt". Then Catherine confirmed our tought treating her badly all the time, Jackson tried to defend her but she wouldn't listen to reasons even if Richard tried to convince her. Despite of all humiliations Stephanie was very patient and she fighted for her love until the end. In this episode we loved Jackson's behaviour because he showed a lot of maturity knowing discern between the mother and girlfriend without creating conflicts among the two most important women of his life.
The last scene at Joe's bar was something brilliant. Stephanie went to Catherine pretending to respect her dignity, her speech was effective, she explained  the fact that she wasn't like the majority people of her generation who didn't understand that the place where having sex said a lot about where they thought themselves and that much of the work she has done to give fairness to women, particularly women of color, it might seem totally wasted work. The most emotional words were: "Meeting Jackson's mother meant something to me... I care about him". The final surprise was Jackson coming to Joe's bar and choosing to sit next to her instead of his mother.

Sorry for the late and many compliments first to the actors Jesse and Jerrika, then to the writer of the ep and of course to the best creator Shonda Rhimes ;)

sabato 12 ottobre 2013


The 200th episode of Grey’s Anatomy was full of emotion and intense moments. The main plot was the gala organized by Jackson to find money for the hospital but also the situation in the ER was interesting because the interns had to face the situation without fellows’ help. We (stackson team) watched the episode trying to know the reasons why Jackson didn’t take Stephanie to the gala, it seemed a way to divide them, in particular Ross’ misunderstanding about Stephanie’s behavior and Jackson’s blindness about Stephanie’s desire to stay with him that night. We were in a total perturbation but in that tragic set a glimmer of hope was lighted by Jackson, he understood Stephanie’s desire of passing the night with him and went to her and in spite of Ross’ damage he listened to her voice, he didn’t close his heart to the envy of the moment but he was totally scared cause in that night he was losing his love, the final scene between them was simply amazing, the atmosphere helped us to focus on them, everywhere there were the ruins of a party gone bad, the pressure felt in their bodies during Stephanie’s speech was impressive, we could see in their eyes all the metamorphosis of their love, from the beginning to that moment in which Jackson said to her to open her heart and feelings to him, he was really changed and the final kiss was a clear demonstration of that for all the skeptics, we loved it, we consider it the best kiss ever seen in a tv show. We’re not optimist about their storyline cause Shondaland thaught us that suddenly everything can change, people dying and accidents happening but nothing can change our mind about them, we want to thank to all the stackson fans who, like us, loved Steph and Jackson since the beginning and went against all the haters, they will be forever our ship and even if everything will go wrong for them, we’ll never forget to hoist our sails and hope for them!

The staff

mercoledì 9 ottobre 2013

Video time

Hello Stacksons,
for all of you who want to delight with a beautiful vid watch this one with all the stackson scenes and the beginning of season 10

venerdì 4 ottobre 2013

Grey's Anatomy 10x03

Hi guys,
the episode of last night has been a "stackson" episode, with some funny moment :)
I think Steph needs to consider to become a plastic surgeon, Jackson and her make an amazing team ;) What do you think about it?