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venerdì 13 settembre 2013

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 first pictures

Hello Stacksons,
have you seen the first pictures of the Grey's Anatomy Season 10 from 10x01 and 10x02 episodes? If you haven't yet see the collage below :)
 It looks like there will be many Stackson scenes and this makes me happy ;) I think that Stackson relationship will grow up this season but it will be a long trip for us until Jackson will realize to love Stephanie, of course there will be many sexy scenes but i'll hope that in the end there will be more than sex because they're made for each other and Jackson should have admit it! Stephanie is clearly in love with him but Jackson is still confused about the situation so my hope is that Jackson, during the season, will choice Steph and not April cause it's clear that the relationship with April doesn't fit, she is too obsessed with Jesus and is his bestfriend while Steph never blames him and is always with him without stressing or attacking! Enjoy the collage :)

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