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giovedì 16 maggio 2013


9x24 Perfect storm
Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital enters crisis mode as the storm rages, resources become scarce and patients flood in by the busload. Meanwhile, one of the doctors fights for their life.

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  1. The Complete Eighth Season. No matter how hot it gets - in the operating room or in the bedroom - the doctors of Seattle Grace know they can always lean on one another. As fifth year residents, it's do or die for the doctors, and things get bumpy when the chief makes a decision that rocks the entire staff. Outside the hospital, Meredith and Derek struggle to keep their relationship afloat while they try to adopt an orphaned baby girl, and Christina wrestles with a difficult choice that could ruin her marriage. Relive every unforgettable love and loss of ABC's wildly popular series, containing all 24 episodes of season eight, plus never-before-seen bonus features.

  2. After 17 weeks of rumors, innuendo and partial spoilers, Grey’s Anatomy season 9 dvd box set with an episode that picked up several months after last May’s deadly plane crash disaster with this ominous voiceover from Meredith: ”Dying changes everything.”
    At first, you think she’s referring to her sister Lexie’s tragic passing. But it’s soon revealed that Mark — who suffered a cardiac tamponade following the air disaster — was in a coma and just hours away from his DNR order kicking in Grey’s Anatomy season 9 dvd box set .

  3. girls series season 3 dvd Campbell, who can currently be seen in Encore’s 12-hour Titanic: Blood and Steel miniseries, is set to appear in at least two episodes of Grey’s.
    Grey's Anatomy season 9 dvd will have something in common with Glee next season!The ABC medical drama, which has been set at Seattle Grace since the show's first season, scandal season 2 dvd will split its time between two locations in Grey's Anatomy season 9 dvd .