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mercoledì 22 maggio 2013

Reasons why Shonda has to confirm Jerrika

  1. She is a super talented intern who has an innatural inclination to cardio- surgery
  2. She has a contagious smile
  3. She has super sexy eyes during "Stackson love scenes"
  4. She is the most brilliant intern 
  5. She gives Jackson all the mental stability he needs
  6. She is also very good as plastic surgeon
  7. She is a good friend for Jo
  8. She has a natural empathy for Zola
  9. She shown to Jackson that anyone put his feet on her head
  10. She really loves Jackson and never blames him 
  11. She is a true force of nature
  12. She thinks that motorcycles are hot
  13. She is the double Cristina
  14. She has a perfect style
  15. She is also good in peds as shown in the final episode
  16. She is impossible to hate
  17. She is sweet and funny as Jesse said
  18. She is something new and fresh for Jackson as Jesse said
  19. She has a perfect elegance 
  20. She is just perfect 

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