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martedì 7 maggio 2013

  • Jackson: I know, I know I have not been the most available
  • Stephanie: Shut up!Shut the hell up! Shut up!Right now I need for you to not talk, okay. It’s cause you’re the head of the hospital now right?That’s why you haven’t called me in eleven days? Because I hate myself, I hate that I know how many days it has been since we hung out and I hate myself even more for asking you about it like some needy, boring, boy obsessed little girl, who I’m not lets be clear about that. But I do need to know why its been eleven days. Now you can talk.
  • Jackson: Because I am head of the hospital..come on
  • Stephanie: It’s no excuse for standing me up.
  • Jackson: You just said..
  • Stephanie: I don’t care! I deserve to be treated better.So you know do that cause I just…
           They kiss. ♥ 

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