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mercoledì 8 maggio 2013

Jackson and Stephanie appreciation thread   
1) Cause he’s her boss and she’s his most brilliant intern.
2) Cause at the first she can’t talk two words together when she’s next to him.
3) Cause he was amazed when he saw her at their first date.
4) Cause shrimps are their passion.
5) Cause she adorbs his green/blue eyes.
6) Cause their sights are full of intensity.
7) Cause their sights are more than thousand words.
8) Cause:”his tecnique is kind of beautiful”.
9) Cause:”Edwards you’re with me”.
10) Cause they are on the same wave-lenght.
11) Cause they can’t resist to the power of their fatal attraction.
12) Cause their kisses are full of magic.
13) Cause she said:”Never put it back on”.
14) Cause they’ve a great chemistry and they’re so damn hot.
15) Cause she noted the blood stain on his shoulder.
16) Cause she’s his sexual alchol and catnip. 
17) Cause he can trust her.
18) Cause:”What are you doing?”, “Saving your ass, cap”.
19) Cause in the end she’s that kind of girl (Leah).
20) Cause: “Maybe we’ll end up together, near each other”.

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